Childrens & Parents Comments








The children’s survey and questionnaire responses

  • I love playing with my friends and my toys
  • I like playing outside and singing at story times
  • Lunch time is my favorite
  • I like my Key workers and the things I learn
  • I like my friends all the toys and the whole Preschool
  • I like Karen because she is nice
  • I love to dance
  • I dislike nothing and love dressing up
  • i Love playing and seeing my friends and dislike home time


Parents survey and questionnaire responses 

  • I find opening and closing time works really well having two in Locking school having earlier and later drop off times eases rushing around
  • My child loves having breakfast as it encourages independence and getting him to try things he may not try at home
  • I am very impressed with lunch time with what is offered and how it works
  • Since starting Preschool my child is progressing well i have seen a huge difference in communication and all round general development
  • Breakfast is fantastic
  • My child’s key worker (Hannah) is fantastic
  • My child enjoys every minute at The Ark Preschool and saddens me that they will be leaving to go to school i would recommend The Ark Preschool to anyone i particularly like the calm environment.
  • Thank you so much The Ark preschool for the amazing job you do.
  • Cannot fault the Preschool you have helped my son come on leaps and bounds
  •  The Preschool menu is fab